About Us

Owned by local couple, Tom Sawyer and Deborah Jewell, Early Doors is a safe-haven for those seeking a quiet and relaxing atmosphere. Our speciality is real ale and we source only the best from local breweries. From Potbelly to Hook Norton, all our ale is supplied from the very best that Northamptonshire and its surrounding areas has to supply. Our house ale, Early Doors IPA, is our most popular (we get through barrells of the stuff), but you’re never stuck for choice as we change the ales we stock daily. Download the Real Ale Finder app for free to stay up to date with which ales we’ve got on the bar!

Not a fan of ale? Never fear, we’ve got you. 

Our ciders are all supplied from the award-winning Vale of Welton. All of their cider is grown, produced and bottled on site using a blend of their own cider apples. There is no concentrated apple juice or artificial flavouring used in the manufacturing process.

We’ve got an impressive selection of gins too. Our very own artisan Early Doors gins are all supplied from Wharf Distilleries, using only the finest ingredients Northamptonshire has to offer. Ask us about our #GinOfTheDay! 

There’s also a selection of rums, whiskies, vodkas and selected wines too. But we’re best known for our ales, ciders and gins. 

We can’t wait to see you at Early Doors!